Book: Modular Web Design

If you venturing down the pattern/component library road (which you should be) when building web applications, Nathan Curtis’s book, Modular Web Design: Creating Reusable Components for User Experience Design and Documentation, is worth a read.  Here’s a few call-out points from the book:

  • Page 3 – Agree on terminology regards to page chunks.
  • Page 20 – Divide – obvious!
  • Page 53 – Stated Structure reminds me of behaviour.  Remove ambiguity, and ensure words are understood across the entire team.
  • Page 181 – Hierarchical taxonomy for classifying components.  Component names are important, especially if you sensible decide to ensure names cross the divide between UX and software engineering.
  • Page 283 – Adoption is hard, so consider a sensible lean approach to moving forwards with a component library

To many people see a component library as a project in itself that initially was deemed as a requirements to improve velocity of an agile team delivering a business solution, but before long became a burden to the team.  Thus think, and walk before you run.  Component libraries are important, if not essential on large projects.


~ by mdavey on November 20, 2013.

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