Business Travel Mad Mind Games

Too much travel serious hurts ones head.  The number of times I’ve forgotten where I’m flying to, or staying is entertaining.  TripIt is the golden source of truth 🙂  So to the silly games one comes up with when travelling:

  • How fast can you get from airport entrance to lounge
  • How fast can you get from “wheels down” (aeroplane) to the hotel/home
  • On any first AM flight into an airport, can you be first to passport control for the terminal
  • “Wheels down” to starting run time.

~ by mdavey on November 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Business Travel Mad Mind Games”

  1. I do not travel that much, maybe 2 flights a month, but I do play similar game myself. My favourite is ‘from landing to the exit from the airport’. 😉

  2. I always pick some other traveller that I overhear in ticketing is on the same flight as me, and see if I can get through security/buses/etc to the gate before them.

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