Vert.x Thoughts – Cluster

Lance’s “Async Data From Cluster to Browser” presentation provided in my view the golden nugget of information on slide 2, “application platform”.  If you haven’t played with Vertx yet, then I suggest you download and install.  As discussed before on this blog, reactive is “interesting”.    If you’ve played with Akka, and the Actor pattern, you maybe interested in Vertx when you read the Vertx manual on event bus, and HA/cluster features.  A distributed event bus, over a cluster of reactive Module/verticles.

Simple actor-like concurrency model. Vert.x allows you to write all your code as single threaded, freeing you from many of the pitfalls of multi-threaded programming. (No more synchronized, volatile or explicit locking).

A few Vert.x samples are available here.  Work queue module available here.  Mongo persistor here.


~ by mdavey on January 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “Vert.x Thoughts – Cluster”

  1. Looks interesting. May try this with the “Distributed Tic-Tac-Toe” kata. “”. Thanks for the awesome blog…keep it up.

  2. Good presentation here on general Vertx – from Matt Stine

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