Aggregating Messages using Akka – Trait and actorSelection

Whilst on the plane back from NY recently I began to ponder about the aggregation pattern and akka.  Luckily, it would appear that Jamie Allen, followed by a few other bloggers have a solution that is well documented – the aggregator trait.

So, if I use the actorSelection to fire off messages to a group of identical actors e.g. algo’s or some such thing;

context.actorSelection("../<Parent>/*") ! <message>

I need to use the expect rather than the expectOnce to process the replies

context.actorSelection("../<Parent>/*") ! <message>

expect {

case <response> =>




In the Akka aggregator pattern documentation, there is a results.size check to known when you have all the response messages (or timeout), since you originally knew how many you had sent.  How do I know how many messages the actorSelection sent?

~ by mdavey on January 22, 2014.

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