WPF BDD – Options?

I’m back in WPF land for a bit of a code kick around – another aeroplane coding challenge.  Thus, since its the usual spike project, I thought I might as well update to Visual Studio 2013.  Given I’ve for Scala/Java on the server side of my spike with the usual cukes behaviour testing, I’m at the junction of deciding what BDD framework to use in WPF land.  Nat’s somewhat old article on BDD, “Step-by-step example of BDD’ing a WPF app with Cucumber, RSpec, IronRuby and Bewildr” provides one option.  Other old BDD options include Aubergine and NSpec.

So I’m guessing I should go the NSpec road for my WPF application, especially as Ted has an article on NSpec in the MSDN September 2013.


~ by mdavey on February 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “WPF BDD – Options?”

  1. Maybe specflow or teststack.net?

  2. Although it’s new to me, I’m very happy with SpecFlow and it’s VS integration so far. I’m using it with VS 2012 though I would hope integration is the same or similar with 2013.

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