Cost of Estimation

I’ve been waiting for a blog entry to appear for Mike Cohn’s recent monthly news article, “Paying the Cost for More Precise Estimates”.  Unfortunately, apart from the campaign URL, nothing has appears on Mike’s blog as far as I can see. So without waiting any long, let me offer the summary view of an excellent article – estimation is not free!  I realise this maybe obvious to some, but few manager understand the “cost” associated with estimation.

To add precision to an estimate requires time

As long as a boss is willing to pay that cost, a good team should be willing to provide an estimate at whatever level of detail and precision the boss wants. The problem is when the boss wants a highly precise estimate and isn’t willing to pay the cost, for example, “I need to know by lunch time today exactly when this large project can be delivered.”

Information has a cost. If the person asking for that information is willing to pay that cost, you need to be willing to provide the information.


~ by mdavey on April 3, 2014.

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