The Gulf Between Architecture and Implementation Ontologies – Part 2

Continuing on with the second book, Documenting Software Architecture: Views and Beyond:

  • Page 6 – the difference between Design and Architecture.
  • Page 12 – Audiences for Architecture Documentation: Education, Stakeholder communication, System Analysis and Construction
  • Page 20 speak to an Agile environment then considering Views and Beyond.  Its unfortunate that page 17 “Mapping to requirements” didn’t provide a means of mapping architecture to stories.
  • Page 32 Architecture Style and Architecture Patterns.
  • Page 36 Seven Rules for Sound Documentation 🙂
  • Page 49 Three categories of style: module, component-and-connector, allocation
  • Page 191 Deployment Style – often left to late in the architectural process 😦
  • Page 239 Documenting Architectural Decisions.  Audit trail is worth while!
  • Page 289 Documenting Behaviour – Communication Diagram etc. are all good.  Shame there way no linkage to BDD in this chapter
  • Page 364 Building an Architecture Overview Presentation.
  • Page 382 Sample Question Sets for Reviewing the Architecture Document

The world of UML


~ by mdavey on April 23, 2014.

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