Active Discovery

Labels and words are important.  Calling some by its right name is important.  Case in point, calling a scrum daily meeting a scrum when its not actually a scrum is just silly – if its a status or team meeting, call it that.

Back to ‘Active Discovery’.  SynerScope has in my view coined an excellent label for a feature of its product.  It just sounds cool 🙂

MIT Technology Review has an article on the big data that appropriately references SynerScope, with an appropriate screen shot off the web site showing the User Experience offered to help identify patterns from data.  Its unfortunate that the case studies on SynerScope’s web site cover the usual suspects. What would be more interesting is if anyone is using SynerScope to look at all clients trading activity to identify trends 🙂  Further, given the FlashBoys, one can only image SynerScope would in interesting from a HFT perspective 😉


~ by mdavey on May 12, 2014.

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