BA iOS App Thoughts

BA have updated their iOS with a set of changes that improve the flow and usage.  However, in my view there is still a lot more they could do:

  • The Virgin Atlantic global would be a nice gimmick for BA to add
  • It would be nice to be able to check in on your mobile, see the films available, and pre-select the films to watch, so that once seated on the plane, you are ready to view.
  • Since the on-board video system knows what I’ve watched, and where I’ve paused or stopped due to landing etc, the mobile app should be able to offer me the option on the next flight to resume films
  • Meals, given the menu is already pre-decided before the flight, it would be nice to select your food order, and also your drink – it would also save some trees with all the menu’s etc that are currently printed and distributed
  • BA could data mine your food/drink habits, and propose suggestions prior to boarding.
  • No way of identifying on the iOS app if you have a Concorde card

Maybe I fly to much 😉


~ by mdavey on May 21, 2014.

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