Skill Cloud – Part 4 – A Collateral Management View

Given the last few postings on Skill Cloud, or more so, Team Cloud, its possible to consider the data modelling in terms of collateral management 😉 from an asset management perspective 😉

Lets dig into the collateral management view of team data modelling:

  • Agreements exist in the collateral management world that need to be satisfied.  This is many ways could be consider the same as projects within an organisation
  • Liquidity could be viewed as the people (resources) within an organisation.  Cash could be the star perfomers, with grading of asset quality attributed to skillset etc.  Liquidity being skillset
  • Bilateral agreements exist which impact the fungibility of resources (people).  Certain resources can’t be moved from projects because they offer possible certain skillsets, or domain knowledge
  • A margin call could be considered the generation of a hire request
  • Corporate actions would be a change in project scope, team etc

Clearly a bit of a knapsack problem

~ by mdavey on June 5, 2014.

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