Wolfram Programming Cloud – Thoughts

Wolfram Programming Cloud is now live.  There is a cloud gallery providing a range of simple samples which is a good start.  There is quite a lot of documentation which is a good start.  Having not spend enough time on Wolfram or read enough documentation, I’m wondering how best to leverage its feature set in both the buy and sell space:

  • Universal Database Connectivity (UDC) – assume I can leverage this to connect to a risk/position data repository?
  • Import and Export function are provide which is helpful
  • Given the plot histories of stock prices sample, I’m guessing by leveraging UDC, one can plot the same by using the UDC data source
  • Can I connect my InfluxDB to Wolfram given InfluxDB has time series data, and Wolfram has TimeSeries functionality?

~ by mdavey on June 24, 2014.

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