XP – Software Development Best practices

iMogital states quite simply that Scrum/Kanban will not tell your developers how to develop.  XP has 12 practices derived from software engineering best practices – TDD, Paired Programming, Coding Standards being a few.  CodeCentric touch on the same issue.  I suspect continuous integration, should really be continuous delivery these days.  Net out, if your development teams are not familiar with XP, maybe its finally time to help them get educated, and move down the XP road.

InfoQ has a recent article on engineering practices, offering the following equation:

Scrum + Extreme Programming (XP) = Agile

One of the key call-out’s from the InfoQ article is that good engineers don’t drop best practices in high stress situations.  Its unfortunate that often when there is a time crunch, testing is the first thing to get dropped.  Engineers often perceive that due to time pressure, feature complete at any cost is acceptable.  Unfortunately, often the team hasn’t asked the hard question back to management/stakeholders – you often can’t have your cake and eat it.


~ by mdavey on July 20, 2014.

2 Responses to “XP – Software Development Best practices”

  1. I don’t represent the industry, but if I WERE the industry, I’d kill all these buzzwords and replace them with “GHz”, “L1 cache size”, etc. Something where you can objectively test input and output performance. (Insert “Agile”, “Kanban”, “Scrum” into (pulp fiction) “Say X one more … time)

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