What happens when Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) are forgotten

“Behind the Curtain of the HealthCare.gov Rollout” offer a few excellent quotes.  I particularly like the quote around the number of concurrent users:

After the launch, HHS officials sharply criticized CMS’s management leading up to the launch of Healthcare.gov. Referencing an email in which a CMS official admits the system could not handle more than 500 concurrent users, Mr. Baitman wrote “Frankly, it’s worse than I imagined!” and Mr. Sivak replied, “Anyone who has any software experience at all would read that and immediately ask what the fuck you were thinking by launching.”

“These bugs were functions of volume…. Take away the volume and it works.”

Clearly from the above some basic principles around project management, software engineering and requirements were “forgotten”


~ by mdavey on September 19, 2014.

One Response to “What happens when Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) are forgotten”

  1. Wut? You gotta be kidding. This ain’t no blog space. It’s a space case. Why spend the time writing what isn’t worth the reading?

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