Drive – Do you have it?

Can’t remember who recommended this book, but it was worth the read. Of note:

  • Page 32, “As organizations flatten, companies need people who are self-motivated”
  • Chapter 2, “Seven Reasons Carrots and Sticks (Often) Don’t Work…”
  • Page 51, “People will choose the quickest route” to the destination for an extrinsic reward
  • Page 57, “Companies pay a steep price for not extending their gaze beyond the next quarter”
  • Page 86, Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)
  • Page 138, “The MBA Oath”
  • Page 162, “Try 20% Time With Training Wheels”
  • Page 169, “Turn Your Next Off-Site into a FedEx Day”
  • Page 173, “If you use performance metrics, make then wide-ranging, relevant, and hard to game”
  • Page 203,  “Carrot & sticks are last century.  Drive says for 21st century work, we need to upgrade to autonomy, mastery and purpose”

~ by mdavey on November 13, 2014.

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