Apple Watch – Banking and Trading

Before taking a look at what is currently available for Apple Watch in the banking and trading space, its probably worth having a read of the WatchKit, and the three types of apps available on the Apple Watch:

  • WatchKit App – architecture overview can be seen here.
  • Glances
  • Actionable Notifications.

Julian has a fairly simple tutorial, “WatchKit Introduction: Building a Simple Guess Game”, if you want to kick the tires on an Apple Watch.


In the Consumer banking space, Citi is one of the many banks that are jumping on the Apple Watch wagon. Tangerine (Scotiabank), Fidelity and PFM specialist Mint are also going Watch.  Misys has developed a bank-to-consumer marketing app prototype.  Down under, CommBank will allow bank balances to be show with a tap, and also Cardless Cash withdrawals at ATMs.

The Apple Watch app includes a transaction alerts that show color-coded visuals of how close users are to their credit limits. This is part of a trend in which personal financial management (PFM) services are making a comeback, and what some believe will become even more personal, wearable devices.

The CommBank app for smartwatches will initially provide customers with three key functions: The ability to check account balances, find the nearest ATM, and make cashless card withdrawals from ATMS.


On the trading side, IG appears to be ahead with regards to trading from your wrist.  IG Apple Watch trading app is a distilled version of the existing iPhone app that allows investors to find, edit and open trades from their wrists.  Key IG app features include:

  • Spread bet, trade CFDs, and buy and sell stocks.
  • Get iPhone app notifications on your wrist.
  • Open positions and view markets from your watchlist.
  • Open, edit and close positions, or see all open positions.
  • See upcoming financial events.
  • Use one-tap login and switch between accounts easily.

~ by mdavey on April 9, 2015.

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