Application Performance Metrics

InfoQ has an interesting article on “Top 5 Java Performance Metrics to Capture in Enterprise Applications”.  Performance has, and continues to be in many scenarios, the last to the software engineering party.  Once a team has got over the library sweet shop mentality, hopefully validate their proposed architecture, and ideally gone down an executable specification road, the team often has either completely forgotten about performance, or decided to build a performance framework that has not correlation to the executable specification road used from a feature perspective.  You can see the gaping hole 🙂

Business Transactions provide insight into real-user behavior: they capture real-time performance that real users are experiencing as they interact with your application. As mentioned in the previous article, measuring the performance of a business transaction involves capturing the response time of a business transaction holistically as well as measuring the response times of its constituent tiers. These response times can then be compared with the baseline that best meets your business needs to determine normalcy.

Basic stuff.  Time to review if you are not doing this already


~ by mdavey on May 11, 2015.

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