DevOps – The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is an easy ready, and well worth the time from both an entertainment value, and a “I’ve seen that in the real world” value 🙂  A few appropriate call-outs from the book:

  • Page 164 – “You get what you design for”.  A brilliant one liner that clarifies the classic situation when a stakeholder only focuses on features, instead of “stability, security, scalability, manageability, operability, continuity, etc”.
  • Page 165 – Failure to pay down technical debt.  Paying down technical debt is also not free
  • Page 281 – For me this is also the item stakeholders never want to acknowledge or pay for – “Dev and QA environments don’t march the production environment”.  If you have no background in engineering, you more than likely just don’t get why this is an issue, and this will never be prepared to spend the $ to resolve the issue generating “unplanned work”.
  • Page 329 – Chaos Monkey and Evil Chaos Monkey 🙂
  • Page 335 – Force CEO’s to “give a shit about IT”

The Three Ways are explained on Page 356.  Of particular importance is the need to continually experiment, taking risks and learning from the success and failure.  Without this, improvements are hard.  Foster a culture of innovation and risk taking!


~ by mdavey on June 4, 2015.

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