Test in Production Environment

Nice short article on application performance testing.  Its a shame that many companies still want to find excuses for not offering development access to production like environments:

Variables such as firewalls, specific load balancing configurations, server’s memory configuration, etc., may severely influence on performance. It is best to test in production or simulated production. This will tend to be done in a non-destructive manner. But the principle is consistent, test everything both physical, hardware and network to a full picture of what happens when the app is launched and used.

I’m sure there is a formula one could come up with that offers visibility to the stakeholders on how much money they will incur from a cost of not testing in a production environment prior to production deployment.


~ by mdavey on June 9, 2015.

One Response to “Test in Production Environment”

  1. That’s what AWS and co are for. Spin a production scale end setup to model production as close as possible and test. Or maybe an end double the size to see how things would scale.

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