Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new User Interface (UI)

The article “Apple Finally Learns AI Is The New UI” provides an interesting view on Apple UI and Google.  The use of AI and intelligent search isn’t new.  Attivio has an interesting case study that discusses the advantages of its Active Intelligence Engine in the context of UBS Neo’s product – a unified cross-asset investment banking platform.  Worth calling out from the case study is:

An incredibly powerful search system is right at the heart of Neo

From the quote of Chris Purves, UBS Head of FX E-trading, the core concept that Neo has been build around is “Neo’s search”.  Neo search appears by the sounds of the article to data Period – “trading, self-commentary, research or equities”.  RMA add further context to Attivio’s case study from the perspective of the user experience strategy specifically targeting “ontology design and search engine design”.  Throwing Shadows add further details by providing us with a view that the User Experience centered around search engine design took a sizable team, “at the height of the project, there were 34 UX consultants, 11 being Visual Designers.”

Side note: The Neo (F35?) UX/PM Agile Process does look a little anti-agile from the workflow offered by Throwing Shadows.

Net out, given the trending with Big Data projects, once you’ve managed to access, clear and link the data, the insight gained maybe appropriate to channel into the user experience to move on from basic responsive design to AI Driven User Experience Design.


~ by mdavey on June 11, 2015.

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