ES6 – Is JavaScript the New Java?

I’ve been to a few JavaScript meet-ups recently – some public, some internal.  What’s clear is that ES6 will be a breath of fresh air for JavaScript – anyone Java software engineers looking at ES6 code will feel more at home.  Likewise any ActionScript Flex developers will also feel a bit of deja vu.  With Node.js, and the browser language war won by JavaScript, one can’t help but wonder how JavaScript server side will evolve over the next few years within organisation that have historically only accepted JVM based languages.

On the topic of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, there is an overwhelming number to choose from, which in many ways requires a team to decide based on prior experience or spend time trying out options before venturing down a JavaScript road.  SDTimes offers some views on this subject – “The future of JavaScript is (almost) now”.  As I blogged about previous, React Native looks very interesting.  Paiza Engineering Blog offers a view on Data binding code in 9 JavaScript frameworks.

A few items that maybe of interest to readers:

Angular 2, although a long way off, appears to be a contender for the future.  Worth a read (but be aware the Angular 2 API changes almost daily):


~ by mdavey on June 23, 2015.

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