HR – An Anti-Pattern for Managers

When the Netflix Culture deck hit the web some long time period ago it generated some good conversation.  Although I never wrote anything about it at the time, other than posting the link, I found the deck most interesting for the conversations it generated:

  • “Hire, Reward, and Tolerate Only Fully Formed Adults” – a great comment from HBR.
  • “During 30 years in business I’ve never seen an HR initiative that improved morale”
  • “We had no vesting period—the options could be cashed in immediately”
  • Some great call-outs here and here.
  • “Outstanding” employees only. Netflix doesn’t accept anyone who does an “adequate” job (Hastings says those hires often lead to “generous severance packages”).
  • “Freedom and responsibility” vs command-and-control: Employees get to make decisions; managers just give them the right context to do so.
  • No “brilliant jerks.” It doesn’t matter how good you are at the job. If you’re a jerk, you won’t stick around Netflix for long.

Which leads me to the following thought:

Are HR departments an anti-pattern for managers actually being managers.


~ by mdavey on June 23, 2015.

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