“As a developer..” I want to add to the Organizational debt

We’ve all seen the micro-managers, chaos manager, empire building managers.  “Org Chart Debt – A Risky, Off-Balance Sheet Liability” offer some great insight into a debt far worse in so many ways than tech debt – Org Chart Debt.  The article has some brilliant callouts which should highlight the worrying management that is occurring in numerous organisations:

“Just when things should be going great, organizational debt can turn a growing company into a chaotic nightmare. Growing companies need to understand how to recognize and “refactor” organizational debt.”

I find the below particular enlightening of situations I’ve been privileged to witness over the years:

Territorialism is the “hoarding or micromanaging of internal headcount, resources or decision authority in an effort to maintain control”. Empire building refers to “attempts to assert control over people, functions or resources in an effort to regain or enhance self-sufficiency”. Left unattended, org chart debt grows like a silent cancer.


~ by mdavey on October 15, 2015.

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