“As a developer..” I forget about Retrospectives

Unfortunately, another default Scrum ceremony that is often ignored is the retrospective.  Without retrospectives the team can’t learn and improve.  Rally lists the retrospective issue in its “Top 10 Mistakes Made by New Agile Teams”.  In my humble view the failure of a team to engage in a retrospective says a lot about the team failing to be/understand agile – the team could often be said to be simply going though some motions of pretending to be agile, without actually understanding and embracing agile.

Suggestion: Buy one of the many good agile book and learn.  Read the blogs from the many respected agile coaches.  Embrace the new world and stop blocking others.


~ by mdavey on October 19, 2015.

One Response to ““As a developer..” I forget about Retrospectives”

  1. I have seen some front-office teams introspect daily with a board where they collect their retro items daily and then prioritise and action during the iteration, with a normal iteration at the end to sweep. One statement I heard was a retro at the end is often too late.


    Farid Sammur

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