“As a developer..” I will act like a monkey

The monkey comments in this article summaries the real world well.  Its unfortunate, as the monkey business creates a divide between managers and others, which mostly only ends badly.  In the worst case, the manager move higher in the hierarchy creating pyramids below them based on the wrong values, and generating a cultures that exhibit quality from the monkey business 😦
This leads to eQ (“emotional quotient” or “emotional intelligence”) which isn’t often references as a skills – iQ and technical being the primary drives in job descriptions, and career ladder climbing.
Unfortunately, eQ plays an important role than most realise.  Leaders often have more eQ than managers, as they often exhibit the  “ability to inspire and motivate others”
Think of the managers around you, how many exhibit the following issues:
“indecisive,” “micromanager,” “untrustworthy,” “terrible communicators.”

~ by mdavey on October 22, 2015.

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