Trading with Blockchain Digital Identity

One item that appears to not be getting much web coverage (or maybe I’ve missed them) is around Blockchain Digital Identity – specifically in the corporate space.  Take the example of two banks trading on the blockchain.  Bank A has n trades working for them, Trade A1 sells/buys with Trade B1 over at bank B.  Personal digital identity is important from a trader perspective, but the actual trade on the blockchain needs to be owned by the Bank.  Therefore you actually need both Bank and Trader identify on the blockchain.  Further, if the trader leaves the bank, the bank still owns the trade on the blockchain.  If the blockchain is permissioned, its likely the trade might only be able to see their subset of (bank) trades on the block chain.

Interested if anyone is going any work in this domain. I’m not sure onename solves this?


~ by mdavey on November 3, 2015.

One Response to “Trading with Blockchain Digital Identity”

  1. This and plethora of other potentially much more complicated interactions not only in financial world can be easily modeled as an Ethereum contract.

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