Adopting Microservices – Part 2

I’ve been meaning to get around to reading Building Microservices for sometime.  After carrying the book on too many flights, and not having the time to actually open the cover, I can finally provide my notes:

  • Page 2 – “Small, and Focused on Doing One Thing Well” – great description of what is important.  However, I fear that “small” will be over played 😦
  • Page 17 – Coding Architect – could not agree more
  • Page 22 – DropWizard and Karyon – Netflix rules these days 🙂
  • Page 31 – Nice to see Eric Evan’s Domain-Drive Design referenced.  Not enough people are aware of this pattern in my view.
  • Page 33 – Be conscious of splitting out microservices too quickly!
  • Page 45 – Choreographed and events
  • Page 51 – HATEOAS
  • Page 57 – “Back to 2006”  😉 Long time.  Think we were both there at that very bank
  • Page 59 – Client Library – Netflix likes the ideas, others may not.
  • Page 62 – Versioning.  A topic that will always generate a lot of discussion, and can lead to a lot of pain if the strategy is wrong
  • Page 79 – “Splitting the Monolith”.   I suspect there are a large number of software engineers/architects today looking for direction on splitting their monolith applications into microservices.  Always a hot topic 🙂
  • Page 111 – Deployment, and the usual suspects – Chef, Puppet and Ansible.
  • Page 126 – Docker – almost mandated in any book these days.
  • Page 131 – Testing.  Did I miss a BDD reference in this chapter?
  • Page 151 – Non-functional.  Agreed, Cross-functional requirements (CFR) is sharper.
  • Page 162 – Correlation IDS – all to often forgotten until the functionality hits production, and support.
  • Page 240 – Eureka

~ by mdavey on November 17, 2015.

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