Agile IT Organization Design

I’ve been carrying around Agile IT Organization Design for some time, but never managed to quick complete the book due to time.  Interestingly, at the Construx Executive Summit last week, one of the discussion group was centred around Organizational Structures – quite timely.  Of particular interest:

  • Page 58 – Cross functional teams, with reference to Apple and Spotify
  • Page 69 – Matrix structures are not suitable of continuous delivery
  • Page 97 – Organization chart debt 😦
  • Page 107 – Both IT and business need to align together.  Both need each other.
  • Page 109 – Issues with Plan Driven projects.
  • Page 117 – Value-drive projects
  • Page 132 – Agile budgeting – should be an interesting read for most.
  • Page 141 – Better staffing – cross-functional (poly-skilled) people rather than a cross-functional team of specialists.
  • Page 145 – Developer skill profile.
  • Page 145 – Avoid part-time assignments – couldn’t agree more.
  • Page 159 – Metrics.  The higher up the food chain, the more management want metrics.  Unfortunately software engineering is a social activity, and doesn’t lend itself very well to measurements.  This subject again ties nicely back to Steve McConnell’s Construx summit keynote.

~ by mdavey on November 17, 2015.

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