The Principles of Product Development Flow

I had the pleasure of meeting Donald Reinertsen  (author of The Principles of Product Development Flow) whilst at the Construx Executive Summit.  It was therefore only right that I read his latest book.

  • Page 4 – Twelve critical problems with the current product development orthodoxy
  • Page 5 – Design-in-process (DIP) – this is so true even today.
  • Page 31 – Quantify Cost of Delay – Very few projects do this in my view.
  • Page 33 – Watch the work product, not the worker – How many times do you here management want to know who the weakest engineer is, and can they be replaced!  Clearly watching the wrong thing.
  • Page 51 – To influence financial decisions, speak the language of money
  • Page 56 – Queues are the root cause of the majority of economic waste in product development
  • Page 80 – Great list of the usual suspects that causes queueing issues in product development.
  • Page 96 – Forecasting becomes exponentially easier at short time-horizons – any project manager who has run a multi year project so know this in my view.
  • Page 120 – Validation of daily test cycles due to small batches.
  • Page 130 – Good infrastructure enables small batches
  • Page 155 – Develop people who a deep in one area and broad in many – couldn’t agree more.
  • Page 230 – Colocation improves almost all aspects of communication
  • Page 253 – Establish clear roles and boundaries – seen this fail on many projects 😦

Great book.  All project managers and executives should read it

~ by mdavey on November 25, 2015.

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