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Great presentation from Erran Berger, Head of Content Engineering at LinkedIn.  Discussion centres around stream processing, personal data and cache invalidation & replication conflicts.  Take aways:

  • Kafka – data is replicated (best and worst feature because it causes re-processing of messages)
    • Kafka and DB replication turned out not to be the LinkedIn solution – due to duplication.
    • The solution was to process user notifications in the data centre in which the user is attached too via a sticky routing service.  Each data centre has a queue to route messages to other data centres.
    • Process Kafka messages only once, else you’ll go down a painful road 🙂
  • Data
    • Replicate data only as required.  Personal data doesn’t need to live everywhere in LinkedIn.  Profile data does live everywhere.
    • Router service decide which DB is accessed in which data centre using URN’s as the routing payload, and a catalog held in a DB for route the personal data request to the correct DB to retrieve the mailbox.
    • Data centre connectivity needs to be low latency to aid this solution
    • DB is shard (1000’s) for the 95 TeraBytes 🙂
  • Cache invalidators
    • In the case of LinkedIn, the cache invalidator listens to DB writes to invalidate the cache, leveraging the DB replication across data centres
  • Conflicts
    • Soft deletes
    • Custom conflict resolution if you can’t resolve in the data model/actors

~ by mdavey on December 15, 2015.

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