Learn to Love Log Files

A vast majority of software projects start out with no though as to what should go into log files.  Log files are effectively a 3rd class citizen in the software development thought process.  I’ve seen a few companies mandate certain data in log files for projects to ease the transition from development to production – handover to support (both infrastructure and application).  Having spent some time using ELK, ingesting log files from applications that really aren’t structured very well, I now believe that ELK is an easy way for development teams to eat their own dog food.

What follows are a few points that I found useful:

  • Get familiar with grok fast when using logstash
  • When I started out with ELK, I unfortunately ingested log files that didn’t get grok’s appropriate.  Deleting document is thus helpful as a query.
  • Index’s are important 🙂

~ by mdavey on January 6, 2016.

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