Deep Learning – H2O

Interesting interview around Deep Learning and Arno Candel.  Specifically the uptake of H2O:

For example, Cisco built a Propensity to Buy Model Factory using H2O. Paypal uses H2O for their Big Data Analytics initiatives and H2O Deep Learning for Fraud Detection. Ebay deploys H2O on their data science clusters with Mesos. ShareThis uses H2O for Conversion Estimation in Display Advertising to predict performance indicators such as CPA, CTR and RPM. MarketShare uses H2O to generate marketing plans and What-If scenarios for their customers. Vendavo is using it to build Pricing Engines for products and Trulia for finding fixer-uppers in luxury neighborhoods. Some retailers and insurance companies are using it to do nationwide modeling and prediction of demand to manage just-in-time inventories and recommendations.

Cloudera has an interesting article on “How-to: Build a Machine-Learning App Using Sparkling Water and Apache Spark”.  Key take away from this article is that Spark and H2O integrate as per:

the data import, ad-hoc data munging (parsing the date column, for example), and joining of tables by leveraging the power of Spark. We then publish the Spark RDD as an H2O Frame



~ by mdavey on January 19, 2016.

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