KanBan Boards in CA Agile Central

CA Agile Central (Rally originally) like many products these days offers both Scrum and Kanban features.  The Kanban board unfortunately feels like it was welded onto the original product (not ideal), especially when you start trying to configure swim lane titles and such.  WIP per swim lane should be used in my view – mandatory 🙂

One feature I wish CA Agile Central would add, is the ability to group cards in a swim lane by theme.  This would help keep swim lanes manageable – anything over probably 80 cards in the Icebox for example become painful when scrolling in a browser.  It would also be interesting to see how the Story Mapping view could be linked to the Kanban board – having the two disconnected isn’t in my view workable given they are essentially a view of the same underlying backlog.

Finally, as per the opening comment in this posting, the linkage to iterations and releases isn’t well explained from a kanban board perspective.  In many ways, if you use CA Agile Central from a kanban perspective, you appears to end up using little of the actual product 😦



~ by mdavey on March 8, 2016.

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