3 Improved Daily Standup Questions

If you don’t already subscript to Mike Cohn’s weekly email tips, I suggest you take the 20 seconds to do so over here.  This weeks tips is all about improving standup’s which I’ve blogged about before as often being poorly run.  My current preferred option is the distributed team standup with the team talking to the card in the “In-Progress” and “check” swim lanes.  If anyone speaks about something not on the board, its a big red flag.  Further, the game clearly, is to move the cards to “Done”.

Here’s Mike’s improved questions:

  1. What did you accomplish yesterday?
  2. What will you accomplish today?
  3. Is anything in your way?

the questions are reworded to focus on accomplishments rather than activity, it becomes clear that the team values progress. Some individuals generate a lot of activity, but no progress. They are like a swimmer flailing about in a pool–arms flying everywhere and legs kicking furiously but without any forward movement.


~ by mdavey on March 11, 2016.

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