Blockchain – The Silver bullet?

Although a few months old, this posting from  Gideon Greenspan over on MultiChain which I previously linked to on the usual social networks, offers some good direction on why blockchain possibly isn’t the solution for every project going forwards.

The rules for a project to use blockchain:

  1. Database
  2. Multiple writers
  3. Absence of (writer) trust
  4. Disintermediation
  5. Transaction interaction
  6. Set the rules
  7. Pick your validators
  8. Back your assets

Or maybe in summary, a shared database distributed over nodes accessed by  multiple non-trusting writers who’s transactions interaction, that are independently verified and processed by every node, constrained by a set of rules held on each node, and validated by a consensus scheme, backed by an appropriate body.



that can modified directly

~ by mdavey on March 14, 2016.

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