Office365 vs Google Apps

I’ve been using Google Apps for a considerable period of time.  Before Google Apps, I suspect like most people, I used the Microsoft suite – Outlook, Word, Power Point etc.  Google Apps in my view moved the online collaboration bar, and stopped the madness of sending around documents attached to emails.

Gmail in my view has changed the email game considerable.  If you are prepared to drop the folder concept of Microsoft Outlook when moving to GMail, and embrace search, the world is a lot easier than folder madness.

With Office365, the question comes, has Microsoft got a worthy competitor to the Google App world.  Having used Office365 for a few weeks, I’ve found the following:

  • Web Office365 outlook search isn’t in the same league as GMail search – its slow, and the UX just doesn’t work as well
  • The whole Microsoft Office365 ecosystem isn’t as well connected as Google.  Take the Microsoft Lync client that offers chat, and instance messaging.  It feels like a blot on to the already painful Office365 experience
  • iPhone iOS applications just don’t offer the same seamless experience. Google GMail iOS has just become so good in my view, that Microsoft needs to step up considerably
  • When editing a Google slide deck, you are immediately in edit by default.  In Office365, PowerPoint online require you to select either browser edit, or full PowerPoint desktop edit.  If you go the desktop edit, you still have to client another edit button to actually start editing – basically telling the server you are editing.
  • SharePoint has never been my favourite product, but I’m prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt now that SharePoint is in the cloud.  However, if you step into “Shared with me”, you’ll soon see the that filename isn’t render correctly in certain scenarios, meaning when you think you have two files with the same name, they are actually different 😦

Based on a few weeks of playing with Office365 from a personal perspective, I’m not going to move from Google Apps.  Office365 may given me a closer experience to the historical world of Microsoft Office (desktop world), but its just too disconnected in the cloud, and the collaboration is just weak.  Collaboration is key today in the socially connected work we live in.  Microsoft needs to up its game, its testing, and the performance of its applications.

In closing, I think if you make a decision on Office265 vs Google Apps based on price, you could pay a heavy price in the future with regards to collaboration:

Just comparing prices isn’t the best way to decide. Take the time to look closely at the list of services from each provider. You have to think in the long term




~ by mdavey on March 17, 2016.

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