Spring: @Value and @TestPropertySource

Recently I had a few issues getting this working in a Spring boot application.  Here’s a simple sample.  Make sure the SomeTestProperties.properties is in the resources folder under test 🙂

//@TestPropertySource(properties = {"Text=abc"})
public class PropertyLoadTest {
    private Environment environment;

    private String text;

    static class Config {
        private String text;

        public String getText() {
            return text;
        public static PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer propertyPlaceholderConfigurer() {
            return new PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer();

    public void propertyLoadTest() {
        System.out.println("Text= " + this.environment.getProperty("Text"));
        System.out.println("Text= " + text);

~ by mdavey on April 12, 2016.

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