Artificial Intelligence for Humans

Artificial Intelligence for Humans Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms offer a fairly easy read on a topic that is generating a lot of interesting in the last few years.  Although not an overly detailed and deep both, its worth a read for the beginner, or if anything to at least capture a few important concepts such as:

  • Page 7 – Four ways to classify model problems – Data classification (determine the class in which the input data falls), regression analysis (training with input data), Clustering (similar to classification, but for clusters) and Time Series (mapping input values to output values)
  • Page 23 – Supervised and Unsupervised Training
  • Page 83 – K-Means clustering – breaking observations into a specified number of groups
  • Page 163 – Linear Regression.  Establishing relationships between input and output vectors

~ by mdavey on April 25, 2016.

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