Culture Impacts Application Performance

Yet another classic article from Joe Duffy, this time on Performance Culture. Joe sums the whole performance culture issue up quite well in the early part of his essay:

The cultural transformation must start from the top – management taking an active role in performance, asking questions, seeking insights, demanding rigor – while it simultaneously comes from the bottom – engineers actively seeking to understand performance of the code they are writing, ruthlessly taking a zero-tolerance stance on regressions, and being ever-self-critical and on the lookout for proactive improvements.

For me, the major issue that performance issues stem from in engineering is management. The drive on features, ignoring performance, and likewise not understanding the engineering demands required from engineering to achieve performance, come back to Joe’s classic comment, “Management must care “. In many cases, I truly don’t think management care, or care to understand.

Its impossible not to disagree with the single appointed test/performance team member. This is the same outside of performance in the general quality space, and the “tester” silo mentality 😦

engineers learned bad habits by outsourcing the basic quality of their code, assuming that someone else would catch any problems that arise.

“My number one rule is ‘no jerks,'” – hard not to disagree with this. Shame when jerks are forced on teams by management 😦

In every team with a poor performance culture, it’s management’s fault. Period. End of conversation.

Finding the balance between performance and features is critical, else the cost to resolve performance with be a multipe of the original non allocated time:

Performance doesn’t come for free. It costs the team by forcing them to slow down at times, to spend energy on things other than cranking out features

Great to hear that Microsoft is following the path of “the elimination of “test” as a discipline mentioned ” and a “renewed focus on engineering systems”.

In my view, management in a lot of companies needs to wake up from the sleepy drug of features, features,features. Without a stable engineering backed culture within a team, driven by a sensible blend of features and engineering, products are doomed to fail, causing considerabel financial loss


~ by mdavey on April 30, 2016.

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