Training the algorithm

Interesting article on the BBC recently, “Can a computer really recruit the best staff?”.  Some interesting take aways:

How we use our computers and phones logs our corporate activity, what we say on social networks does the same thing. When we use a keycard to get from department to department, that’s generating data about our movement across the workspace. Bill Nowaki calls all this data “artefacts”.

If the data is used in the right way, there are benefits:

But it would also be a great aid to improving someone’s performance… if an organisation uses the data of its most successful people to give tips and hints to the laggards.

And why the algorithm might be better in some scenarios, or at least the algorithm will help highlight the issues:

Study after study demonstrates a huge bias in the recruiting process… even in organisations which say they are committed to eliminating discrimination. White middle-aged men have a tendency to hire other white middle-aged men, whatever they intend. Robotised recruitment is blind to that sort of human influence.


~ by mdavey on May 9, 2016.

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