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Although bias to Marklogic, “Decimating Data Silos With Multi-Model Databases” provides an interesting.  Few interesting take aways:

60 percent of the cost of a new data warehousing project is allocated to ETL and corporations spend $36 billion annually on creating relational data silos.

Of no surprise is the “semantic metadata” concept, and also the callout to ELT over ETL.

Three approaches to avoiding ETL hell:

  1. A semantics triple store/graph-only architecture
  2. A document store-only architecture
  3. A multi-model approach that combines a document store and triple store

On Option 2, “Defensive programming for unexpected data structures” is so true based on what I’ve seen

Agree that Option 3 is the preference, and best of both worlds (document storage and ontology).  Not being a Marklogic expert is about appear in many ways that this is similar to combining MongoDB or similar with D2RQ?


~ by mdavey on June 10, 2016.

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