Infrastructure as Code – Branches

Recently has a read of Infrastructure as Code.  One particular topic that is worth calling out is Chapter 10, Software Engineering Practices for Infrastructure.  In particular, the “branch” discussion 🙂

Page 183 clarifies the view that numerous teams have with branches:

Rather than continuously integrating changes, many development teams commit changes to separate branches in their VCS.  The goal is usually to allow people to spend time finishing a large change before they worry about making it work with any change that other people are working on

This leads nicely into Codebase Organization Patterns, page 267, and the Antipattern: Branch-Based Codebases, and the great sub title, “Workflow Effectiveness” 🙂

Page 196 provide another good read on testing, and why separate teaming and engineering teams is wrong.


~ by mdavey on June 30, 2016.

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