The GROWS Method

Andy Hunt provides a good overview of GROWS, touching on the issues of Scrum and XP practices:

if you and/or your organization are following the XP practices, or the Scrum practices, then you are not agile

The Dreyfus Model looks like a great framework to aid “agile” teams.  It offers give stages of progression to gain specific skills:

  • Novice – Rules-based, just wants to accomplish the immediate goal
  • Advanced Beginner – Needs small, frequent rewards; big picture is confusing
  • Competent – Can develop conceptual models, can troubleshoot
  • Proficient – Driven to seek larger conceptual model, can self-correct
  • Expert – Intuition-based, always seeking better methods

Which leads to a great comment by Andy which is utterly true:

change needs to come from one’s own desire

Having read Andy’s article, coupled with the GROWS web site, it would appear that GROWS is quite an interesting method to provide guidance for teams to experiment, provide, learn and move forwards – its particularly nice to see checklists called out in GROWS


~ by mdavey on September 19, 2016.

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