Data Analytics Platform Reading

Few interesting articles recently worth a read, specifically around the (fast) data platform space:

  • A Guided Way To Manage Data In Motion For Streaming Applications
  • Swisscom Q/A On Choosing Scala And Spark For New Streaming Data Platform – particularly interesting, as its a real world application.  Nice to see Kafka in the stack :).  Nice to see User Experience (UX) and data privacy touched on by the article
  • The Next Generation Data Science Toolkit
  • Spark ML Data Pipelines – provides the usual stats on data cleanup.  Nice list of a few tools that readers may find useful e.g ActiveClean etc.  Word2Vec seems to be in a lot of conversations these days.  Not used BlinkDB.
  • Why data is the new coal
  • At the bleeding edge of AI: Quantum grocery picking and transfer learning
  • PaddlePaddle – text classification system overview
  • The Barclays Data Science Hackathon: Using Apache Spark and Scala for Rapid Prototyping
  • DevOps and Big Data: Rapid Prototyping for Data Science and Analytics

~ by mdavey on September 29, 2016.

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