Evidence of Success

A few thoughts if you are about to venture down the road of building a software applications:

  • How will you know when you are DONE on implementing the requirements (Stories)?
  • How will you validate to the product owner that you are DONE?  Maybe consider traceability and linkage of stories to acceptance criteria to acceptance tests?
  • Ticking a box to say you have implemented all the requirements is in many ways immediate stale as soon as the code is “enhanced” post the box ticking exercise.
  • When in production, how will you know if the application is “broken”?  Considering solutions for logging, monitoring, availability etc
  • Logging is only as good as the data logged 🙂  Over use of logging will mean there is the wrong noise to signal ratio 🙂  Likewise to monitoring
  • If the application is “highly available”, prove it, in production 🙂

You could think of this as Test Driven Developer->Behaviour Driven Developer->Evidence Driven Developer, or even Evidence Driven Engineering

~ by mdavey on April 11, 2017.

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