Bots As A Mean To Motivate Behavior Change

Often the underlying message around Extreme Programming (XP) and agile in delivering software is actually a behaviour change required by the person/team.  Behaviour change is hard, we as individual are often stuck in our ways 🙂  Hence I was interested to come across “Chatbots As A Mean To Motivate Behavior Change”, especially given the last few years buzz around AI and bots 🙂

“Pushy AI Bots Nudge Humans to Change Behavior” also provide some thought “Researchers use artificially intelligent bot programs to stimulate collaboration and make people more effective”

Could a chat bot, driven by a neutral network or appropriate algorithm, steer a software engineer towards improving the codification of application changes ( story/requirement)?

Update: Few more recent articles provide food for thought on the above:

~ by mdavey on June 5, 2017.

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