Book: Measure What Matters

Following the success at Intel , OKR’s are becoming increasing common in the wider software industry.  The bible has to be John Doerr book, Measure What Matters.  Notes from a read of the book over the vacation period:

  • Page 54 -Key results should be succinct, specific and measurable
  • Page 120 – OKR scoring based on a simple RAG status – 0.7-1 Green, 0.4-0.6 Amber, 0.0-0.3 Red.   Averaging the percentage completion rates for its associated key results.  Marry with subjective judgement.
  • Page 175 – OKRs and CFRs.  Annual performance reviews are costly, exhausting and mostly futile.
  • Page 186 – Recognition implementation ideas – all hands includes shout outs, “Achievement of the month”, share recognition stories, tie to company goals and strategy
  • Page 191 – Adobe “Check-ins”
  • Page 246 – Khan Lab School
  • Page 257 – Committed vs Aspirational OKRs
  • Page 262 – Post mortem on failing to achieve 1.0 on a committed OKR
  • Page 267 – Typical OKR Cycle
  • Page 270 – Manager-led coaching – what part of the job most excites you, what (if any) aspect of your role would you like to change

~ by mdavey on January 3, 2019.

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