DevSecOps – Secure Code

Worth a listen, Max Saltonstall and Justin McCarthy are joined by Johnathan Hunt, VP of Information Security at InVision to talk about pen testing, bug bounty programs, and secure code.

  • Pen Testing yearly cycle – “significant flaw in thinking”
  • “static analysis scanner that sits locally on all software engineers laptops, every piece of code every line of code that they write their supposed to scan this prior to committing that to the repos. Once it’s in the repos, once we get ready to deploy and merge in a master at that point that runs again, right, the same tool runs within a CI CD pipeline, after we’re doing, QA testing, and all these other things that run also is an automated tool set, it runs again, at that point, it notifies us or notifies them right of vulnerabilities resident, now we can choose to block that we can choose to say, hey, if it’s a critical vulnerability, or a high severity vulnerability, we’re going to disable or block the push right to production”

~ by mdavey on March 22, 2019.

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