I’ve worked in the financial vertical for 20+ years, building capital markets systems for most asset classes, using C++, Java, JavaScript and the Microsoft stack. I’ve worked in most of the top tier investment banks – last count was 25+ financial firms.

Since the early years of my career, I’ve been steered by the following, thanks in part to a number of colleagues during my first few contracting roles in London in the mid 90’s:

  • Stand tall, dress smart, act smart, be smart
  • Cut to the chase
  • Talk. Communicate
  • Make an impact in the first week
  • Keep moving forwards on a project – ROI/Deliver
  • Quality. Standards. Checks. Get them in place ASAP. Iterate
  • Always have a plan, and a backup plan
  • Accept mistakes (Mistakes are how you learn), but catch them early!
  • Bad news doesn’t age well
  • Don’t believe what you’re told. Double check. (Trust, but verify)
  • Never take anything for granted.
  • Always work as a team
  • Clean up the mess that you make

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