Ethereum Devcon – Smart Contracts and Opportunity

This week I’d have liked to have been in two places at once.  I’m in Seattle for the Construx Software Executive Summit, but would also have liked to have been in London for the Ethereum Developer Conference, unfortunately the clone machine isn’t working 😦  There are however numerous articles on the web already from Ethereum Devcon, which should allow anyone who missed the conference to “catchup”:

  • First Day
    • Of no surprise, scaling was one topic from day 1, with discussion around “hub and spoke” model, verification layers and asynchronous programming
    • Metamask demo available here.
    • Nice to see IPFS written in go.
  • Second Day
  • Third Day
  • Fourth Day
    • UBS Smart Bond (1:56:00) – smart contract, Bond Coin, benchmark contract
  • Fifth Day
    • Bank Panel discussion blockchain – UBS, Barclays, SocGen
    • Top priority areas for banking blockchain innovation:
      • Mandatory Regulatory use cases via shared ledger
        • KYC – shared “know your customrr” control process
      • Operational Efficiency/Cost Reduction (Ops and Tech)
        • Asset registry
        • Settlement (UBS interested in this area in particular)
        • Netting Pool – complicated problem to get settlement efficiency due to the current solutions of stopping time to optimise
      • Business Growth from an investment bank perspective
    • Still challenges that need work in the Smart Contract area – expect The Alan Turing Institute to aid here

.Some video’s are available here.


~ by mdavey on November 13, 2015.

2 Responses to “Ethereum Devcon – Smart Contracts and Opportunity”

  1. I, too, wished I was there. So obsessed that I compiled a list of deep links to each session in the youtube videos. Enjoy

  2. What are your thoughts on BlockApps and truffle? Can they be used together or are they mutually exclusive? In your opinion, what are the pros/cons of each?

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

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