The Gulf Between Architecture and Implementation Ontologies – Part 2

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Continuing on with the second book, Documenting Software Architecture: Views and Beyond:

  • Page 6 – the difference between Design and Architecture.
  • Page 12 – Audiences for Architecture Documentation: Education, Stakeholder communication, System Analysis and Construction
  • Page 20 speak to an Agile environment then considering Views and Beyond.  Its unfortunate that page 17 “Mapping to requirements” didn’t provide a means of mapping architecture to stories.
  • Page 32 Architecture Style and Architecture Patterns.
  • Page 36 Seven Rules for Sound Documentation :)
  • Page 49 Three categories of style: module, component-and-connector, allocation
  • Page 191 Deployment Style – often left to late in the architectural process :(
  • Page 239 Documenting Architectural Decisions.  Audit trail is worth while!
  • Page 289 Documenting Behaviour – Communication Diagram etc. are all good.  Shame there way no linkage to BDD in this chapter
  • Page 364 Building an Architecture Overview Presentation.
  • Page 382 Sample Question Sets for Reviewing the Architecture Document

The world of UML

FX Client Services

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e-FOREX April 2014 offer an interesting article on “Banks and the Buyside: New developments in electronic FX Client Services”.  Both northern and southern hemisphere banks are listed in the article, counter to the multibank platform/ECN view that SDP’s are dead.  SDP’s can offer a solution to a banks historically fragmented offering:

“As a client you would rather have one point of access. The client doesn’t care how we are organised internally.”

Worth a read.  Various UX screen shots are also provided in the article

Time-Based Arbitrage

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I’ve not had time to read Flash Boys yet, hence here are a few articles that offer a very on the book:

  • The Real Problem with High Frequency Trading
  • “Flash Boys” Triggers Debate: HFT and Fairness
  • Gone in 0.001 Seconds
  • The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street

VoltDB Financial Usage

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Interesting read over on Eagle Investment Systems about its usage of Dr. Michael Stonebraker’s VoltDB database technology.  Shame the article doesn’t provide insight into the evaluation criteria, and other products evaluated:

Eagle conducted an extensive evaluation process for a high-velocity in-memory database capable of meeting the rigid demands of the financial services industry. In order to meet the speed, scalability and performance requirements, the organization evaluated a number of offerings, ultimately choosing VoltDB

Akka: DDD and Esper

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Coupled of interesting Akka reads:

  • Reactive DDD with Akka
  • Embedding Esper as an Akka Actor – very cool stuff

Akka Streams

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Read, smile :) Play

Nice to see Reactive Streams being prototyped in RxJava

MongoDB: Time Series Data

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AHL Man Systematic Strategies offers an interesting read on MongoDB and Python as a Market Data Platform.  Is MongoDB now a competitor to TickDB and KDB?


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